School lunch order delivered to your classroom!

One of the most popular activities in the of the school year is the school lunch order.  Now, you can order lunch online and we will deliver it to the classroom.

At lunchtime, your children are hungry and making their lunch has become routine. But as they’re tummies are rumbling; they’ll wonder why they’re having the same old sandwich again.

We are here to help! We are utilising a platform for parents to order their children’s lunch. You can select your child’s favourite food and it will be delivered to your child’s classroom.

We’ve added some new schools to our service, and we hope to keep the momentum going through the year.  Providing more students with the opportunity to have a school lunch order.  Oh! and we haven’t forgotten the teachers and staff, you can order lunch too!

We’ve also been busy adding more food items to our menu and we hope you’ll check it out!

If your school doesn’t have lunch orders, then get in contact with us and let’s see what we can do to bring this lunchtime favourite to your children.

February 10, 2023